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Hello- welcome to my blog. My name is Tom Christopher and I have been a landscape artist for many years. I enjoy painting scenes near my home in rural Eldora, Iowa. I am a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a Charter Member of the Pastel Society of Iowa.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday Art Festival---A really LONG day

This past Sunday I reluctantly agreed to participate in an Art festival in Ames, Iowa. The organizer called and said they had a cancellation so there was an open site. So I loaded up my trailer and headed for Ames about an hour drive. I have not had good luck with this particular art fair in past years and today would be no different. A large crowd began to emerge soon after the area churches let out. I put out 50 business cards I printed the night before and all were gone by3:30p so at least a good number made it into my display. However, didn't sell anything.
This is the second time this year I have gone home without a sale. I did entertain myself talking to people and answering questions. here is the list of some my favorite questions

1. Are you an artist?
2. Did you do these chalk drawings?
3. Did you know Bob Ross?
4. Do You paint on sidewalks?
5 and my all time favorite---How much for that rug you have on your display floor?

Thank goodness this was the last art fair of the year--regards tom


  1. My smile for the day. :) I guess having people come by and see your work is better than not! Sorry for no sales. Sounds like our shows at the small town of Bastrop at home in Texas. Your work is so wonderful, sigh.....

  2. Boy, I know the feeling! I get so worn-out at art fairs: It's just crazy busy but little in the way of sales. Most people just show up because it's free. *sigh* That's why I try to not take it personally.

  3. My question is, did you sell the rug? :D Just kidding! After 20 years of shows and fairs, trust me, I heard all those remarks and more. It's worth it when things sell, but tough when you're there to babysit the art.

    But as it says in the old joke, when the artist won the lottery and was asked what he was going to do with all that money... "I don't know," he said. "I guess I'll just keep doing these shows until it's all gone."

    But your work is terrific--that's not going to happen to you. Keep smiling!