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Hello- welcome to my blog. My name is Tom Christopher and I have been a landscape artist for many years. I enjoy painting scenes near my home in rural Eldora, Iowa. I am a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a Charter Member of the Pastel Society of Iowa.

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1. May 4 and 5...Maquoketa Art association. Maquoketa Iowa.
2. May 18 and 19 Des Moines Art Center. Des Moines Iowa
3..September 12,13,and 14 Eurekas Springs Art center
Eurekea Springs Ar.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello Friends --I have found when using Uart or wallis paper it is easy to put down pure pigment even after several layer of pastel have been applied. Just use a wet paintbrush and wet the area you want to lay down the pure pigment. Lightly tap with a paper towel , dry the area withba hair dryer and apply the desired pastel. I used this method several times in the following winter scene, "Neighbor's Home". I wanted to lay down some pure white highlights and this process worked very well. ........ regards tom

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  1. Great tip Tom, I will definitely try it.Thanks for posting it.
    Merry Xmas