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Hello- welcome to my blog. My name is Tom Christopher and I have been a landscape artist for many years. I enjoy painting scenes near my home in rural Eldora, Iowa. I am a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a Charter Member of the Pastel Society of Iowa.

2013 Workshops


1. May 4 and 5...Maquoketa Art association. Maquoketa Iowa.
2. May 18 and 19 Des Moines Art Center. Des Moines Iowa
3..September 12,13,and 14 Eurekas Springs Art center
Eurekea Springs Ar.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Creek Bed

One from tonight 15x18 inches --pastel--regards tom, $400.00


  1. Tom, this is wonderful!!!! How do you find so much color when looking at such a scene in life?? I have scene like this here on the ranch, and at times they look so old, or weathered, or like they need washing!! Must be on days there is no sun, I guess. Your work is wonderful!!!

  2. Hello Ida thank you for stopping by and viewing my Blog. In winter scenes I have to just go with colors I enjoy working with. Other wise the landscape becomes rather dull this time of year.
    regards tom

  3. Another nice one. The colors sing!