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Hello- welcome to my blog. My name is Tom Christopher and I have been a landscape artist for many years. I enjoy painting scenes near my home in rural Eldora, Iowa. I am a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a Charter Member of the Pastel Society of Iowa.

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1. May 4 and 5...Maquoketa Art association. Maquoketa Iowa.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old Farm Shed

Painted this tonight --about two hours
16x20 inches... pastel over watecolor on Uart paper


  1. This is gorgeous! I like the areal perspective. And that only (part of) the barn is refined and everything else is loosely suggested.

    2 hours, hmm... That pretty good! How much "planning" do you do before you start painting? Thumbnails, sketches,... ?

  2. i do like to take a relatively long time planning and composing the painting . When Idecide to start a new painting I will take a day or so to visualize the piece in my head. Even after I place the pastel paper on the easel I will walk away for about an hour and then return to the studio and begin the painting. I do not regularly do notans or thmbnails although I feel it is good way to proceed

  3. Interesting! How close is your final painting to your mental vision? I assume it must be pretty close, right?

  4. With this one, I was able to visualize the position of the farm shed and and the high horizon line. I think it helps me to slow way down at the begining of the process. If I am not enjoying the painting process, the piece will not work and usually appears boring and contrived.

  5. That's interesting, thanks for sharing your process.